Yuedong black pig

The eastern Guangdong black pigs are slightly rectangular in shape, with clear heads, moderate size, and flatter width. Only a few are plump or rhomboid. Ears are small and oblique, mouths are long and pointed, and jaws are narrow. Local people Call it "shrimp head". The back is slightly dimpled and the abdomen is slightly larger, but it is not mopping and the hips are flat. The limbs are erect, solid and strong, moderate in length, full in hind leg muscles, tail long without hocks, thin skin, black coat, some of the pig's wrists and ankles are grayish white, and the nipples are about six pairs.

Yuedong black pig has the characteristics of thin skin, delicious meat, and more lean meat. However, the growth rate is slow, the feed utilization rate is not high, the nipples are less, and the body size of the male and female pigs is small.

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