Four strokes can increase goose down yield

In the diet of each goose was added 0.9 g of finely ground sulfur, 1.5 g of silkworm sand, 0.6 g of earthworms, and 0.9 g of stimulating hormone, which can be extracted 15 days in advance.

Immediately after each goose down, intramuscular injection of vitamin B12 was injected once a day. Each time a half-branch was used for 4 consecutive sessions, it had a significant effect on promoting goose down growth.

After weaving the goose down, we wiped the goose body with 50 degrees of white wine or ginger juice and applied it once a day for 3 days to increase the goose down production.

Use 10% feather meal, 5% bone meal, 4% fish meal, 20% soybean meal, 20% corn meal, 0.2% amino acid, 0.8% multivitamin, 25% pine needle powder, 15% meal Leaf powder feeding goose can increase goose down production.

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