Cow ears Begonia

Middle name: Niu Erqiu Begonia scientific name: Begonia sanguinea Raddi. Family Genus: Begoniaceae Begonia is a morphological characteristic: it is a perennial evergreen herb. Plants 20-35 cm tall, stems erect, green. Leaves alternate, kidney-shaped, 8-10 cm long, 7-8 cm wide, papery, shiny, ventral dark green, purple back; whole. Growth habits: Niu Erqi Begonia is produced in the tropical region, and its nature likes warm, moist, strong light scattering environment, is not resistant to high temperatures, avoids direct sunlight in the summer, avoids drought, fears, is not resistant to barren, more resistant to low temperatures, and optimal growth It is 18-27 °C.

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