Winter cucumbers should be appropriate

1. From the top of the cucumber, normal leaves within 15 pieces cannot be knocked out. This is because these leaves have strong physiological functions and have the ability to produce nutrients, which has a great effect on cucumber yield.

2. From the top of the cucumber, no more than 15 leaves, with dark green color, no pests, no macula, can not be destroyed, because these leaves can still contribute to the yield of cucumber.

3. Only those old leaves with 15 or less yellow leaves from the top of the cucumber, with serious macular or pest damage, can be destroyed.

4. From the top of the cucumber, the leaf color within 15 pieces turns yellow, and the leaves with serious macular or pest damage can be destroyed, but no more than 2 pieces can be beaten each time.

5. From the top of the cucumber, 15 leaves of the following yellowing, with old leaves with serious macular or pest damage, in the fight, each 2-3 tablets is appropriate, not too much.

6. The interval between two leafings is preferably 7-10 days and can not be less than 5 days.

7. Every time the leaves are beaten on a sunny day at about 12 noon, do not beat the leaves when the morning dew is large, so as to avoid the incidence of wound infection. It is also not possible to hit the leaves in the evening so that the wounds do not heal, and they become ill at night when the humidity is high.

If cucumber leaves are not followed, if they do not follow the above principles, it is not a serious disease. It is due to too many leaf damages, and the lack of nutrient accumulation of cucumbers leads to severe malformations such as sharp-edged gourds and thin-waisted melons, or large amounts of melons.

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